•    1823
Birth and death of Léopold, Hugo’s first son. Publication of Hans of Iceland. Founds La Muse Française. Hugo makes the acquaintance of Charles Nodier, whose Arsenal salon he will frequent from the following year.
•    1824
Publication of Hugo’s New Odes. Birth of Léopoldine Hugo.
•    1825
Named Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur. Ode on the Coronation of Charles X.
•    1826
Publication of Odes and Ballads. Birth of Charles Hugo.
•    1827
Publication of Cromwell. Hugo begins hosting gatherings: the Cenacle is born.
•    1828
Failure of Amy Robsart, birth of François-Victor Hugo.
•    1829
Publication of Orientales and the Last Day of a Condemned Man. Marion de Lorme is banned.
•    1830
Success of Hernani in spite of the famous controversy. Birth of Adèle Hugo.
•    1831
Publication of Notre-Dame de Paris, Marion de Lorme and Autumn Leaves