"Portrait de Victor Hugo enfant". Dessin de Célestin Nanteuil © Maisons de Victor Hugo / Roger-Viollet

•    1802
26th February, birth of Victor Hugo in Besançon where his father, Léopold, is stationed. In April Léopold is reassigned and the family moves to Marseille.
•    1808
Sophie Hugo joins her husband in Madrid. The family spends the rest of the year in the Spanish capital, where the boys attend the Collège des Nobles. Upon returning to Paris the Hugos settle at the Maison des Feuillantines.
•    1811-1812
The Hugo family spends another year in Spain where Léopold, promoted to the rank of general in 1809, is made governor of several provinces under King Joseph.
•    1818
Hugo writes The Maidens of Verdun, the first of the poems which will subsequently be published in the collection Odes and Ballads. First draft of Bug-Jargal.
•    1819
Awarded the Lys d’Or at the Académie des Jeux floraux, Toulouse. Collaborates with his brothers on a literary review: Le Conservateur Littéraire.
•    1820
Royal recognition for his Ode on the Death of the Duc du Berry.
•    1821
Begins work on Hans of Iceland. Shortly after the death of his mother Victor Hugo becomes engaged to Adèle Foucher, a childhood friend.
•    1822
Marries Adèle Foucher on 12th October. The couple would go on to have five children. Publication of Odes and various other poems.