•    1849
Elected member of the legislative assembly for Paris. Speech on poverty. Presides over the Peace Conference.
•    1850
Speeches on freedom of education, theatre and the press, and in favour of universal suffrage. Produces more ambitious drawings.
•    1851
During the 2nd December coup d’état, Hugo attempts to organise a movement of resistance against Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte. On 11th December he leaves for Brussels, under threat of arrest.
•    1852
Decree exiling Hugo from France. Sale of his Parisian home. Publication in Brussels of Napoléon-le-Petit. Leaves Belgium in August, moving to Jersey where he settles at Marine Terrace with his family.
•    1853-1854
Experiments with séances and Spiritist drawings. Castigations. Sketches of hanged men, collages.
•    1855
Expelled from Jersey, Hugo moves to Guernsey.
•    1856
The Contemplations, whose success provides enough funds to buy Hauteville House.