Allix Album or Marine Terrace Souvenir Album

  • Charles Hugo (1826-1871)
    Auguste Vacquerie (1819-1895)

  • 26,6 x 35,5 x 3,5 cm
  • 1855-1860
  • Frontispiece with 15 photographs on salted paper, cut and waxed, ink on paper, watercolour, gouache, pencil
  • MVHP PH 2777 folio 2
  • Victor Hugo’s home, Paris

Composed in Guernsey from 1855, this album contains 123 photographs taken mostly in Jersey in the workshop at Marine Terrace. It pays tribute to Augustine Allix, friend of the Hugo family and musician.
The frontispiece on a bright red background that combines photographic portrait cut-outs and illumination-like drawings, offers a unique testimony to Charles’ magnificent design work and the modernity of the whole piece. It is a true storyboard juxtaposing portraits and landscapes, drawings and photographs, colour and black and white. It shows the exile adventure of the Hugo and Allix families with great finesse and innovation, as evidenced by the pieces of faces forming the letters MARINE TERRACE.

Notice's author : Alexandrine Achille