Large dragon panels

  • Victor Marie Hugo (1802-1885)

  • Height: 167.3cm; Width: 133.6cm, Depth: 6.7cm Height: 168.5cm; Width: 134.5cm, Depth: 4.5cm
  • 1864
  • Wood, carved and painted
  • Maisons Victor Hugo, Hauteville House, Guernsey

Both panels were designed by Victor Hugo and engraved in 1864. They were placed in his bedroom on the 3rd floor of Hauteville House in the same year. Each concealed closets built into the walls of the room. Both are removable and swivel to be laid on the floor. The left panel opens onto a small retractable powder room.
Contemporary with the decoration created by the poet in Juliette Drouet’s house in Guernsey (now a Chinese lounge and dining room in the Place des Vosges in Paris), they share the same techniques of execution, pyrography and painting as well as its oriental style.
They represent legendary stories in a minimalist style.
On the first panel, a young man mounted on a fantastical bird is fighting a three headed beast. The second shows the hero who, after defeating the monster, offers the severed heads to a female character.
In the lower corners of the two compositions, the initials of the poet are visible while the letters of the names of “Hugo” and “Juju” (Juliette Drouet) are more difficult to decipher as they have been restructured into a kind of geometric abstraction.
This two-part screen concludes the journey through the house by its location on the top floor, in the bedroom of Victor Hugo. But it is also a conclusion in the chronology of his decor as it dates from 1864 and is the last decorative item made by the exiled poet for his home.

Notice's author : Stéphanie Duluc