Marine Terrace, Jersey

  • Charles Hugo (1826-1871)

  • 6,2 x 8,6 cm
  • 1853-1854
  • Photograph on salted paper/albumen glass negative
  • MVHP PH 2538
  • Victor Hugo’s house, Paris

This large white building called Marine Terrace was home to the Hugo family during the exile in Jersey between 1852 and 1855. It was also at the heart of photographic creation and a source of inspiration, housing as it did the workshop set up in the conservatory on the orders of Charles Hugo. The contrast between the solar halo rising behind the horizon and the very dark and saturated soil in the foreground here expresses the practical knowledge and expertise of the photographer. Between glare and darkness, the house radiating and receiving light stands in the centre of the image and draws the eye, producing a mixed feeling of isolation and strangeness.

Notice's author : Alexandrine Achille