Access and booking

Reception and booking conditions Booking is compulsory for groups. Groups with outside guides will only be received in the following time-slots: 12 pm-1:30 pm and 4 pm-5:30 pm, prior booking required. Booking Department: 01 42 72 69 49 or e-mail

Rates for activities for groups of visitors
Conference-visit, activity-visit, story-telling, conference-slide show €91 (P.T.) €68.50 (T.I.) €45 (T.R.) and €30 (T.M.)
Off-site walk, tour, conference-slideshow: €106  (P.T) €83.50 (T.I), €53(T.R) , €38 (T.M)
P.T. Full rate
T.I. Intermediate rate: Group of less than 10 people, groups who book two sessions of activities on the same day and people over 60 years of age.
T.R. Reduced rate: 18-26-year-olds inclusive, teachers, documentalists, City of Paris facilitators, the unemployed, people in receipt of RMI (jobseekers allowance).
T.M. Minimum price: under 18’s, schoolchildren, leisure centres outside the City of Paris, the disabled and their companions.
the booking form to be sent for your group visit