Living in Exile KLAVDIJ SLUBAN

Hauteville House, 2013  © K. Sluban

Hauteville House, 2013 © K. Sluban

KLAVDIJ SLUBAN dans le cadre du mois de la photo

6 novembre 2014 au 1er mars 2015

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The photographs which Klavdij Sluban took at Hauteville House in 2013 are part of a long tradition inspired by Victor Hugo’s home during his exile on Guernsey. A specialist in the other-worldly, fascinated by crepuscular, eerie atmospheres, Klavdij Sluban explores the mysteries of this historic, poetic monument which Hugo crafted in his own image, at once abundant and austere. Through a combination of what he describes as ‘effects of the light’ and ‘effects of the dark’, the artist explores the invisible aspects of the house, an environment where every object is imbued with meaning, coalescing to form an original, contemporary, powerful perspective on the writer’s private world.

“I’d just returned from the Desolation Islands – with their barren landscapes, constant winds and bands of penguins – and was shortly to set off for Central America – to photograph disenchanted youths, gangs, prisons – so a visit to the Channel Islands seemed like an interesting transition. I had been meaning to visit Hauteville House, home to Victor Hugo for the fifteen years he spent in exile on Guernsey, for a long time. This was not my first visit to a writer’s home. I’d already seen Chekhov’s dacha in Yalta, and Akhmatova’s shared apartment in St. Petersburg. The spirit of such places, when it has been respected, can give you the impression of a private encounter with the writer, who to all appearances has just popped into the next room to fetch the tea.
I felt a powerful urge to immerse myself in this place, with its intense aura of artistic struggle still intact. A year-long residency was the obvious solution.
Out of season, the house is closed to the public and open to the ghosts of the past. Living spaces and literary spaces overlap, tribute to Hugo’s genius for interior design. He oversaw the whole process in minute detail, leaving visitors just enough space… to look on in admiration. Hauteville House is neither a country house, nor a holiday home, nor even a true primary residence. Indeed, that was one of the major complaints of Victor Hugo’s children. The monastic welcome which greets the respectful visitor is an invitation to lose oneself in the meandering depths of this house-book, a dense web of developments, digressions, reminders, reversals and twists.
Effects of the light, effects of the dark, let the journey begin.”  Klavdij Sluban

This exhibition is the fruit of our partnership with the Guernsey Photography Festival, where a selection of these photographs will be on display from 5th April to 14th September 2014 at the Guernsey Museums and Galleries in St. Peter Port.

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Accessible aux personnes handicapées:
- Personnes à Mobilité Réduite (PMR)
- Personnes sourdes et malentendantes
- Personnes en situation de handicap mental

Exposition dans l'appartement de Victor Hugo ouvert du mardi au dimanche de 10h à 18h.

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