Become a patron of Victor Hugo's Houses

Collect Victor Hugo with us? How about collecting Victor Hugo with us? How does the museum make its purchases? Like the 14 City of Paris museums incorporated within the Paris Musées public institution, the Maison de Victor Hugo has an annual budget for the expansion of its collections. Each proposal - whether to be paid for or free - is submitted to the scientific opinion of the committees before being approved by Paris City Hall and the city council.

For particular occasions - as was the case in 2012 for the "Hugo Auction”- the museum can benefit from an extraordinary credit or a supplement from the pooled funds of the 14 museums of the City.
Why give?
It may happen that a work that is important for the collections exceeds the annual budget of the museum or that it appears on the market when acquisition budgets are already partially committed.
By giving, you allow us to build up a reserve fund, which offers the museum the possibility of reacting when such an opportunity presents itself.
And restorations?
Ensuring the protection and restoration of heritage is one of our main missions. The task is particularly important for the museum, which has the responsibility for all of the main items of furniture and decoration, in particular at Hauteville House in Guernsey where the decorations suffer naturally from ageing in an island climate.
Here also, there are always annual programmes and some extraordinary transactions , but your support also allows us to save precious time.
Giving also means receiving.
Donations to the museum can be subject to tax deductions if you wish.
On your request you will be sent a tax receipt.
Be a “hugophile”!
Your donations allow us– outside of the large media campaigns that only the largest institutions can afford - to pursue this funding policy to support the protection of heritage and the expansion of the collections based around the figure and the works of the Victor Hugo.
In founding this museum, Paul Meurice, the first of the hugophiles, managed to assemble around him other enthusiasts who through their generosity added their contribution to the project, however modest it was. He hoped to continue to keep the collections going and to expand them.
You also can continue this work and share this passion for the author of Les Misérables.
Continue. "The people’s museum"!
Take part in the expansion of this amazing collection collected with passion to testify to the posterity of Victor Hugo. The "people’s museum" is the museum for all of us!
Your donations, even the most modest, allow us to build up a specific fund, available at any time to acquire objects, many of which are not expensive and need to be bought very quickly. Thanks to you, this collection continues to thrive, a collection which has its roots in the founding purpose of the museum to represent the glory of Victor Hugo.
You also can contribute by offering the museum any object, cinema still, poster or souvenir etc. bearing the effigy of Victor Hugo or one of his characters. For this, please contact the conservation department.