•    1863
Adèle Hugo publishes Victor Hugo, as seen by a witness to his life. Hugo’s daughter Adèle flees to Halifax. Charles Hugo writes At home with Victor Hugo, as seen by a passerby.
•    1864
Publication of William Shakespeare. Juliette Drouet moves in to Hauteville Fairy.
•    1865
Hugo’s wife Adèle moves to Brussels. Songs of the Streets and of the Forests.
•    1866
Toilers of the Sea
•    1868
Birth of Georges Hugo, son of Charles. Death of Hugo’s wife Adèle. Victor Hugo accompanies her coffin to the French border.
•    1869
The Laughing Man. Founds the newspaper Le Rappel. Birth of Jeanne Hugo, daughter of Charles.
•    1870
On 14th July Hugo plants the oak of the United States of Europe in his garden on Guernsey. As soon as the Republic is declared he returns to France, moving in with Paul Meurice. French edition of the Castigations (Châtiments).