•    1871
Elected Member of Parliament for Paris, Hugo resigns his post one month later. Death of his son Charles. During the Commune he moves to Belgium, but is soon expelled for offering refuge to communards. Spends time at Vianden before returning to France.
•    1872
Spends another year on Guernsey. L’Année Terrible.
•    1873
Death of Hugo’s son François-Victor.
•    1874
Ninety-three. My Sons.
•    1875
Acts and Words I and II.
•    1876
Elected senator, he argues in favour of an amnesty for the communards. Acts and Words III.
•    1877-1880
The Art of Being a Grandfather, History of a Crime, The Pope, Religions and religion.
•    1882
Publication of Torquemada. Re-elected to the Senate.
•    1883
Meets Rodin, who produces a bust of Hugo. Death of Juliette Drouet, 11th May. The Channel Islands.
•    1885
Death of Victor Hugo, 22nd May. Public funeral held 1st June, Hugo’s body interred in the Panthéon.