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Visitor information

You will find the themes and dates of the proposed activities in the schedule. For conference visits and tours please arrive 10 min before the beginning of the activity at museum reception. Prior booking is compulsory for children’s activities: 01 42 72 69 46 or by e-mail


Open Tuesdays to Sundays between 10 am and 6 pm, last admissions at 5:40 pm
Bags must be left at the cloakroom.
Suitcases cannot be kept for you.


Reception and booking conditions
Booking is compulsory for groups. Groups with outside guides will only be received in the following time-slots: 12 pm-1:30 pm and 4 pm-5:30 pm, prior booking required.
Booking Department: 01 42 72 69 49 or e-mail
Rates for activities for groups of visitors
Conference-visit, activity-visit, story-telling, conference-slide show €91 (P.T.) €68.50 (T.I.) €45 (T.R.) and €30 (T.M.)
Off-site walk, tour, conference-slideshow: €106  (P.T) €83.50 (T.I), €53(T.R) , €38 (T.M)
P.T. Full rate
T.I. Intermediate rate: Group of less than 10 people, groups who book two sessions of activities on the same day and people over 60 years of age.
T.R. Reduced rate: 18-26-year-olds inclusive, teachers, documentalists, City of Paris facilitators, the unemployed, people in receipt of RMI (jobseekers allowance).
T.M. Minimum price: under 18’s, schoolchildren, leisure centres outside the City of Paris, the disabled and their companions.
the booking form to be sent for your group visit

Disabled visitors

Motor impairment 
The museum has been awarded the "Tourisme et Handicap" label for the quality of its reception arrangements for persons with motor deficiencies. Visitors will find several reception arrangements for people with a motor deficiency. Visitors will find several dedicated parking places in the vicinity of the museum, in the place des Vosges. The entrance to the museum and traffic flow areas open to the public are accessible. All services: ticket office, bookshop and toilets are situated on the ground floor and are also accessible. There are also a few seats placed in the museum’s rooms to allow people to take a short rest. A wheelchair can be made available for visitors at reception.
The different areas of the museum and the presentation of the works have been designed to be accessible, persons with a motor impairment can join in all the activities offered by the museum as individual visitors or in a group.
Groups are asked to book a time-slot, and indicate the number of people, any people in a wheelchair, and any specific requirements.
Visual impairment
The museum staff has been trained to receive partially sighted and blind visitors.
Independent tours
For individual visitors who want to tour independently, a guidebook in large characters is available at museum reception, also including a list of the works that can be touched for partially sighted and blind visitors. Members of staff in the rooms of the museum can indicate the location of the works that can be touched and help with their investigation.
Tactile tours
Tactile tours of the collections and temporary exhibitions are organised on request. Discovery  via description, listening to audio extracts, touching original works and retouched 3-D images allow different themes to be investigated: "Literary portrait and self-portrait", "Victor Hugo’s intimate life", "The women in Victor Hugo’s life and works", "Victor Hugo, furniture designer".



 Please find all information on the pages for groups

Prior booking is required for all group activities: 01 42 72 69 46 or by email
Groups accompanied by outside speakers may only visit in the following time slots, subject to prior booking only: 12 pm-1:30 pm and 4 pm-5:30 pm, prior booking is compulsory: 01 42 72 69 46 or by e-mail
Information for school groups can be viewed on this page.


Price list

The permanent collections are free for everyone
Services in the permanent collections
Audio guides in 5 languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese): €5
Children's audio guide (8-12 years of age) in French: €5
There is an admission charge to the temporary exhibitions (varies between €5 and €7)
You will find the details of exhibition prices in our exhibition schedule.
•    Young people's rate
Young people from 14 years of age to 26 years of age, inclusive
•    Reduced rates
People over 60 years of age,
•    Free
Young people under 14 years of age
The disabled and a person accompanying them, war wounded and a person accompanying them
Professionals: French and foreign curators, journalists, artists-visual artists, speakers and guides, ICOM and ICOMOS

Open Tuesdays to Sundays between 10 am and 6 pm, last admissions at 5:40 pm
Bags must be left at the cloakroom.
Suitcases cannot be kept for you.

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